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An Approach To Time Management

Posted by Elexio Support on 01/07/14 @ 2:37 PM

We’re always rushed, always on the move, never having enough time.  Almost everyone I know has little room for error in their schedule.  Tragically, most people have little time for the things in life that they would say are the most important to them.  When we overschedule ourselves in the belief that we can do everything, we stop being human and try to become godlike — not only impossible but also incredibly arrogant.  Most of us are living at a pace that is not only unsustainable; it’s also unbiblical.

Instead of our typical conclusion that we simply don’t have enough time, what if we embraced the truth — no matter how weird or counterintuitive it might seem?

You have enough time to do everything God wants you to do.

God has given you everything you need to accomplish all that he wants you to do, including enough time (see 2 Peter 1:3).  We don’t need more time.  We need to use the time we already have differently.  You have time for what you choose to invest your time in.  Every day most of us say, “I just don’t have time to work out . . . to read the Bible . . . to go to church this week . . . to meet for lunch . . . to add one more thing.”  But the truth is, we find time for what’s important to us.  If golf is really a priority to us, we find time to play golf.  If going to dinner with our friends matters, we make it happen.  If tanning, working out, or getting our hair cut is a priority, we seem to find time.  Catch yourself the next time you’re about to say, “I don’t have time” for something.  Tell yourself the truth: either it’s not a priority and you’re guarding your time for good reason, or you simply aren’t willing to choose to spend your time on it.

Great challenge for me.  How about you?

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