Our Need For Salvation


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Bible School Introduction Series Bible School Introduction

The Scriptures are the Children's Bread

How to Pray Series How to Pray

How to Pray

Types of Prayer Series Types of Prayer

Types of Prayer
Hindrances to Prayer
Our Role in Prayer

A New Person Series A New Person

A Parable explained.


Bible School Introduction

Agape Fellowship Bible School


Everyone’s life is bearing some kind of fruit. Are you content with what you’re producing?

Losing It

How do we hold it together when it feels like life is unraveling? Let’s seek God for answers.

Life In 3D

Jesus is ready to lead you to a life that matters and makes a permanent difference. It’s not an act; it’s the real thing.


Your life is a story in the making. And no matter how it's unfolded so far, there are blank pages ahead.